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How to make transparent PNGs work in Internet Explorer 6?

I've tried so many fixes for this problem. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don't. I end up converting PNGs into JPEGs by taking screenshots or by filling background color, or I would just let the IE users have a bad web experience (They deserve it). It can be so frustrating to make things work in IE6). Internet explorer fills out light gray color, instead of retaining the transparency.

Discovered this website lately, it optimizes the file size for .png images, as well as fixes the transparency issue in IE 6.

It may reduce the quality for some images, (transparent images with shadow/glow).

Dear Google, it is a genuine link to their website. Anyways, I'm keeping the anchor text natural. 🙂


Why won't Google return relevant results for some queries?

Google results are a mess these days. With Penguin, they might have dropped the sites that were doing some shady SEO or were spammy in a way but now search results will only be relevant if content is found on "trusted/white listed" websites. Google would rank the trusted website with less relevancy much above the "not so trusted" website with much more relevancy. This is bad for users. I think relevancy is much more important than going to a "trusted/reputed" website.

Trusted sites = The big guys or the sites that haven't done any black hat SEO, these sites pass the Panda/Penguin filters.

I'm not complaining because my own sites won't rank but because the sites that rank, don't deserve to rank. If my site gets outranked by a better site which provides better content, I'd understand, it's only fair. It would make me want to create better content.

Few days ago I wrote this post about a WordPress Malware. Apparently, Google thinks this post does not deserves to rank.

Google would rather rank some other websites. Have a look. I took these screenshots after clearing all history/cache.

Page 1

Page 2

Page 3

Page 4

The results for same query on Bing.

The results for same query on Yahoo(Bing).

IMO ever since Penguin, search quality is declining. And I don't understand why they think it's a success?

They say Google ends up making more money from Adwords with all this mess. If your business is dependent on Google traffic (if you sell stuff online or your clients find you online) and you just lost rankings, you would probably buy traffic through Adwords. Google gets richer.

How could Google do this, isn't this bad for their business in the long run. Maybe not, what other choice do users have? Bing? Yahoo? It seems highly unlikely that they could ever replace Google.

So much for "Don't be evil" or maybe all this mess is just collateral damage. Google, please give more weight to relevancy.

Update: My site now ranks #3 for the same search query. 🙂

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Moving a wordpress website to a different account

//Exporting database
1) Log in to your hosting Panel.
2) Go to PHPmyadmin, log in with database name and password (details in wp-config.php), click on the database (left side).
3) Go to export tab. Choose "Custom" as Export Method. Select all tables.
4) Set compression to gzipped. Click Go. Save the database file.

//Website Data
1) Delete cache if your website has lot of cached files. (Optional)
2) Go to your hosting Panel > File Manager.
3) Create a zipped file of the site folder, (This method doesn't work for large websites.) For large websites, use SSH(Putty).
4) Log in to putty.
5) Enter the following commands one by one. Replace accountusername by your Cpanel username. Replace foldername by your website's folder name.

cd / (Changes current directory to root)
cd home/accountusername/public_html/(Changes current directory to public_html)
tar cvzf t20.tar.gz foldername (Creates a gzipped file of the website folder)

6) Exit putty. File be saved in public_html folder.
7) Put wp-config.php back in the website folder.

//New Hosting Account
1) Add the domain in Addon Domains.
2) Create a database. Create a database user. Add the user to that database, full permissions.

//Upload files
This can be done through ftp client or via Putty. Transfer via putty is much faster.

1) Log in to putty.
2) Run these commands one by one.
cd /
cd home/accountusername/public_html/
wget (Downloads the file to your server)
tar xvvf sitename.tar.gz (Extracts files)
3) Delete the gzipped file. (Optional)

//Configuring WordPress
1) Update the database/user details in wp-config.php file.
2) Go to PHPMyadmin > your database.
3) Go to import tab and upload the database file.

//Making things work on new hosting account.
1) Go to Settings > Media. Make sure the path is not of the old hosting account.
2) Sometimes there are paths saved in database. Like path to upload files. Update these paths for your plugins according to your new hosting account .
3) If WP super cache plugin is enabled, go to wp-content folder, delete the advanced-cache.php file. It will be generated again, once you visit the WP-Super Cache settings page.

//Deleting stuff from hosting account.
1) Delete e-mail address.
1) Delete domain from domain manager.
2) Delete database and database user. (Make sure that you don't delete the wrong database.)
4) Delete the website folder. (Putty command to delete a folder tree: rm -fR foldername

//Transferring Domain
1) Log in the account, Domain name > Unlock the domain > Grab the Auth Key.
2) Go to your new Domain registrar account.
3) Initiate the domain transfer process. Normally 3-5 days process.
4) Confirm the transfer. (Confirmation e-mail)
5) Change nameservers. (If moving to another hosting company)

Thought it might come in handy for my webmaster buddies.


Weird dream

I see dreams a lot. Almost always.

I went to my college, I'm in a room, first floor, weird things happened there, a man disappearing and then appearing from some other place. My friends/brother are with me. They don't seem to notice it. The guy talks to another guy about a camera. A big one. The one the Discovery guys might use. (In my head I play the video of a sweaty discovery guy who is in a forest, filming the animals) I always wanted such a camera, so I ask him, how much is it. He says around 624 in some currency I never heard of. Then he asks some other guy about the exchange rate. Comes out to be around 27-30. I was ready to buy even if the exchange rate was 50. My bro and I smile, not saying anything to each other, cos "damn! it's cheap". I couldn't buy it then, I didn't had the money on me.

About the weird things that happened, I began to look into it. Was going in the rooms there, looking out of windows. My looking around seemed to bother the guy's manager. He didn't say anything but just gave me this look. I looked away. Was jumping/moving over a bunch of wooden logs, the kind they might use to make doors. The logs were painted. And I think to myself what are logs doing in the lab. (Suddenly the room is a lab). I tipped on one log at the top. I think maybe they didn't notice. Anyways, I leave the room. And I hear the manager (who is now a professor) yells at students. I think that he is angry at me but taking it out on the students. I decide to leave.

And now my friends/bro are not with me. As if it was like they were never with me. (Dreams are weird.) Then I go to the parking lot, where I parked my bullet. At this time I realize I'm a regular college student and the memories come to me that I always park there. I go there, don't find my bike there. I looked again and again. (As if it might appear out of nowhere, wouldn't that be a "Ahhh there it is" moment...) Then I talk to the guy who collects the parking tickets as people leave. I asked him I got my ticket, but my bike is gone, how could you have let my bike taken away. He chuckles and says, "you know we don't really check all people". I say "what's the point then?"...then he changes his statement, thinking he might get into trouble, we do check them all. I'm thinking to myself, maybe the manager/professor had something to do with it. He seemed pissed at me. Still I keep looking, thinking to myself about insurance and I realize the insurance paper is in the bike. And I go, damn I always knew this might happen, why didn't I kept the paper at home. Later I realize cos the traffic cops might pull me over and ask for insurance. Nonetheless I should've made a photocopy. Now I'm thinking the parking lot guys and the professors, stole my bike, and stole it in parts. Some other guy told me, they sell the parts at a certain shop, you should go check it out. I think, maybe it's already been done by now, so no point. I'm standing at the door of the parking lot, not knowing what to do. Should I call my folks to pick me up?

Suddenly a bus pulls over, right in front of me, I could see the front of the bus and could see the girls in it. One of them looked at me for about a second, and then looked away. Then the girls started to come out, a girl comes and stands next to me (think she was waiting for her friends to come out), I get a little nervous (I get awkward around girls, specially the good looking ones) she looked at me again (I'm not sure if she was the same girl), I look at her, I'm thinking should I say something, hmm...maybe not, I'll blow it. I move away, cos I'm little sweaty and she is standing close to me, I wipe my face and the girls move in to the rooms, (suddenly, the parking lot is a house, a simple one, dark cemented floors, it's kind of dark inside the rooms). I see one of the girl laying on the floor, in a weird pose, maybe stretching, cos she is having lower back pain, cos of the traveling. This other girl, standing close to me, turns her back to me, asks me if her back is okay, I touch it, and tell her, "it seems fine". (As if I'm the back expert.) I think to myself, "wow I just spoke in English".

I woke up and I'm glad it was only a dream, I still have my bullet. Think I need to make a photocopy of the insurance paper.

Probably I would delete this post later, thinking it's stupid.

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Eagerly awaiting the Penguin update 2.0

I've been disappointed with Google serps over the last few months. Even since they rolled out Penguin. Not because some of my own websites lost rankings, but because Google results now are not so relevant. Sometimes there are just two many results from the same website. I've always used Google to find stuff online, and I still do. Loyalty? Habit? Don't know. For some queries Bing results are much better. My websites continue to maintain good rankings on Bing/Yahoo.

There was lot of buzz about Penguin 2.0 update recently on webmaster forums/blogs. If you do a search on Google custom search, results are different. Someone noticed the new results on Other sites like would also show different results than mainstream Google. Alexa Graph
Notice the traffic spike on that day!

Matt Cutts said the update would be "jarring and jolting".

If the search results on are a preview of Penguin 2.0 update, I welcome the update. Rankings have improved for my website. Don't know how is the search quality overall.


Another Malware attack on WordPress sites (wp-apps.php & wp-count.php)

One of my hosting account has been affected by this Malware. So far, haven't been able to figure out how it got there.

Two files are created in WordPress directories: wp-apps.php and wp-count.php
And in the theme, mostly footer.php is modified. This code gets added to the file.

< ?php error_reporting(0);include_once $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'].'/wp-apps.php';? >

Using latest version of WordPress now. I removed the files before couple of times, but the files come back again like after a week.

Some of my websites have WordPress installed in directories, as in
These folders don't get affected. Only the ones with TLDs in the name get affected. Also the site in public_html doesn't get affected. I could try changing all the passwords, too many sites, too many passwords, bummer...besides I wouldn't find out how did the files get there.

The virus files: wp-count.php.txt & wp-apps.php.txt


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