Moving a wordpress website to a different account

//Exporting database
1) Log in to your hosting Panel.
2) Go to PHPmyadmin, log in with database name and password (details in wp-config.php), click on the database (left side).
3) Go to export tab. Choose "Custom" as Export Method. Select all tables.
4) Set compression to gzipped. Click Go. Save the database file.

//Website Data
1) Delete cache if your website has lot of cached files. (Optional)
2) Go to your hosting Panel > File Manager.
3) Create a zipped file of the site folder, (This method doesn't work for large websites.) For large websites, use SSH(Putty).
4) Log in to putty.
5) Enter the following commands one by one. Replace accountusername by your Cpanel username. Replace foldername by your website's folder name.

cd / (Changes current directory to root)
cd home/accountusername/public_html/(Changes current directory to public_html)
tar cvzf t20.tar.gz foldername (Creates a gzipped file of the website folder)

6) Exit putty. File be saved in public_html folder.
7) Put wp-config.php back in the website folder.

//New Hosting Account
1) Add the domain in Addon Domains.
2) Create a database. Create a database user. Add the user to that database, full permissions.

//Upload files
This can be done through ftp client or via Putty. Transfer via putty is much faster.

1) Log in to putty.
2) Run these commands one by one.
cd /
cd home/accountusername/public_html/
wget (Downloads the file to your server)
tar xvvf sitename.tar.gz (Extracts files)
3) Delete the gzipped file. (Optional)

//Configuring WordPress
1) Update the database/user details in wp-config.php file.
2) Go to PHPMyadmin > your database.
3) Go to import tab and upload the database file.

//Making things work on new hosting account.
1) Go to Settings > Media. Make sure the path is not of the old hosting account.
2) Sometimes there are paths saved in database. Like path to upload files. Update these paths for your plugins according to your new hosting account .
3) If WP super cache plugin is enabled, go to wp-content folder, delete the advanced-cache.php file. It will be generated again, once you visit the WP-Super Cache settings page.

//Deleting stuff from hosting account.
1) Delete e-mail address.
1) Delete domain from domain manager.
2) Delete database and database user. (Make sure that you don't delete the wrong database.)
4) Delete the website folder. (Putty command to delete a folder tree: rm -fR foldername

//Transferring Domain
1) Log in the account, Domain name > Unlock the domain > Grab the Auth Key.
2) Go to your new Domain registrar account.
3) Initiate the domain transfer process. Normally 3-5 days process.
4) Confirm the transfer. (Confirmation e-mail)
5) Change nameservers. (If moving to another hosting company)

Thought it might come in handy for my webmaster buddies.


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