WordPress 3.5 – Post Box/Post Editor size bug?

Upgraded to WordPress 3.5. Now there is no option to set the post box size. Earlier one could set the size in Settings > Writing.

I was editing a long post on a site, and box height increased automatically. I’ve tried reducing the box size manually, but I always get a very long box when I try to edit a post or go to add new post. Height of the box is 5000px.

I found this code in wp-class-editor.php

if ( $cookie )
$set['editor_height'] = $cookie;
if ( $set['editor_height'] < 50 ) $set['editor_height'] = 50; elseif ( $set['editor_height'] > 5000 )
$set['editor_height'] = 5000;
return $set;

Tried clearing cookies, used a different browser, I still get a long box.

The code seems right, cookie functionality seems to be broken.

Update: (25th January, 2013) The bug has been fixed in WordPress 3.5.1


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